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The seeds have been growing and I’ve started planing them in their beds, little by little as they get large enough.  It’s warm enough now that I’ve started some seeds outside, making up for seeds that didn’t sprout.  Next year I will definitely start my tomatoes earlier, like the end of December and everything else can be started a little later.  My cucumber plants didn’t make it after I planted them, so I’ve started seeds again.  The zucchini seems to be doing well, I just planted them, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I will also start more seeds than I think I’ll need next year, you just don’t know how many will end up in the garden.

Baby Melana and daddy Jaime!

Six tomato plants and six cucumber plants made it through the hardening process, and they are happy in their beds.   I have a jalapeno and a couple of okra plants that are ready to plant as well.  Of course there were a few casualties, and I learned that February is probably a little too early for most cucumber.

Next week I have zucchini that need to go through the hardening process.  I’ll bring the plants out in waves, as they are ready.  I still have more plants coming up, watermelon, eggplant, cantaloupe.  I didn’t plant the full garden this past fall/winter season, so I want to make sure I’m fully planted this spring/summer.  I’ll keep growing seedlings until the beds are full.  This is such a different process from going out and buying plant starts, much more planning is involved, but I think it’s ultimately more rewarding as well.  Starting them from seeds and then watching them grow to harvest, is quite a thrill.  I have until mid-April to get all of the seedlings in their beds.  So far, so good.  I think we’ll make it.


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